Author: A J Marston
Date Created:27 June, 1999
Date Changed:20th February, 2002
Version: 04.014.000

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Copyright Notice
Amendment History
Summary of Features
Database Model
Assignment File Settings
A - Creating a Menu Structure
B - Extra Parameters
C - Child Properties
D - Instance Names
E - Component Identities
F - Multi-Language Features
G - Menu System Operation
H - Application Start-up and Closedown
I - Initial Values
J - Transaction Access Profiles
K - Transaction Item Access Profiles
L - Audit Logging
List of Screens
MNU_LOGO - Display Company Logo
MNU_0001 - LOGON screen
MNU_0002 - MENU screen
MNU_0003 - Enter Security Password
MNU_0004 - Reset $language Code
Security Classes
MNU_0010C - Create Security Class
MNU_0010D - Delete Security Class
MNU_0010L - List Security Classes
MNU_0010P - Choose Security Class
MNU_0010R - Display Security Class
MNU_0010S - Select Security Class
MNU_0010U - Update Security Class
MNU_0020C - Create User
MNU_0020D - Delete User
MNU_0020L - List User
MNU_0020R - Display User
MNU_0020S - Select User
MNU_0020U - Update User
MNU_0021U - Change User Password
MNU_0030C - Create Transaction
MNU_0030D - Delete Transaction
MNU_0030L - List Transactions
MNU_0030P - Choose Transaction
MNU_0030R - Display Transaction
MNU_0030S - Select Transaction
MNU_0030U - Update Transaction
MNU_0031M - Maintain Alternative Descriptions
MNU_0050M - Maintain Menu Contents
MNU_0080M - Maintain Initial Values
Transaction Access
MNU_0040M - Maintain Transaction Access (via Security Class)
MNU_0041M - Maintain Transaction Access (via Transaction)
Item Access
MNU_0060M - Maintain Transaction Item (Field) List
MNU_0060P - Choose Transaction Item List
MNU_0065M - Maintain Transaction Item Access (via Transaction)
MNU_0066M - Maintain Transaction Item Access (via Security Class)
Menu Controls
MNU_0070U - Update Menu Control data
MNU_9010R - Reload data from TXT files
MNU_9010U - Unload data to TXT files
Menu Help
MNU_9000 - Maintain Menu Help Text
MENU_HELP - Help Screen
MENU_HELPA - Help About Screen
MNU_VERS - Display Procedure Version Numbers
Session Details
MNU_0090D - Delete Session
MNU_0090L - List Active Sessions
MNU_0090L2 - List Duplicate Sessions
MNU_0090U - Update Session
MNU_0100D - Delete Session Message
MNU_0100L - List Session Message
MNU_0100R - Display Session Message
Audit Logging
MNU_0110L - Display Audit Log for a Session
MNU_0115S - Select Audit Log details
MNU_0115L - Display Audit Log details
MNU_0120M - Maintain Audit Entity details