Author: A J Marston
Date Created:20th June, 2002
Date Issued: 3rd July, 2002
Version: 01.000.000

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Copyright Notice
Amendment History
3 Tier Overview
The 1 tier structure
The 2 tier structure
The 3 tier structure
How UNIFACE supports the 3 tier structure
Component Types
XML Streams
Document Type Definitions (DTDs)
Processing Information
DTD Mapping
Disconnected Record Sets
Two Application Models
Methodology Overview
Main Points
The GET_DATA proc
The GETDATA operation
The PUT_DATA proc
The PUTDATA operation
Changing the <read> trigger
Changing the <store> trigger
Validation triggers
Creating the Presentation Application Model (PAM)
Creating PAM entities
Copy whole application model
Copy individual entities
Create entities manually
Check Entity keys
Check Entity relationships
Amend Entity properties
Amend Entity triggers
Creating DTDs
Define default mapping
Compile DTD
Amend Field properties
Amend Field triggers
Creating Presentation layer components
Component Templates
Component Constants
Component Variables
Acquiring Data
Storing Data
Popup Processing
Entity Subtypes
Creating Session Services
CT3_SSV_1 - Session Service Type 1
Data Validation
Deleting occurrences from other entities
Merging fields from other entities
CT3_SSV_2 - Session Service Type 2
CT3_SSV_3 - Session Service Type 3
CT3_SSV_4 - Session Service Type 4
Changed Component Templates
How to initialise a technical key
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